meet abigail.


Hailing from Colorado, I am passionate + adventurous, + I have always been deeply drawn to the world + its expanse beauty. From living in Japan to wandering the plains of South Africa, adventure + traveling have been so much more than an activity, but more so a position to learn, grow, + know others.

Currently I am working in commercial/lifestyle photography for outdoor companies + adventuring with my dogs, Kodi + Kuma. I'm daily passionately pursuing a path towards marketing + visual story-telling in hope that I may inspire others - I believe that everyone, all over the world, has a unique story + I desire to capture + share your story. My goal is to assist in the telling of your story; it's not about me, it is about those I photograph for, as well as those I photograph.

Thank you for visiting, I look forward to hearing + sharing your story.

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