Giving Moments || Charmant Papery.


1. the present time

2. a particular time

Giving a moment is capturing a specific time in life + bringing someone else into that time with you. That could be through a photograph or something as simple as a card to say, "I'm thinking of you." It's being able to convey to others that I want to share my time, my moments, + my life with them. 

At the beginning of this year (2015), I decided to daily give moments through sending birthday cards. I hadn't realized how rare it is for someone to receive a birthday card until I began receiving messages or phone calls from friends + family expressing how much it means to them or that they haven't received a birthday card via mail in a long time. It humbled me + I began to realize the depth of meaning the written-word truly has. It has the power to express someone's worth + value, simply because we took time to share a moment.

Writing a card or a letter is inviting that person to be in that moment with you, to somewhat experience that time of life with you, + it also allows you, the writer, to feel that you are not alone in life. It goes far deeper than a wifi connection - it is our words, in our handwriting, + it is our time that was given to pour out our hearts to the one who is receiving our moments. We are capturing a moment in space, a moment in life, a moment in time + allowing another to enter into that moment to share in the joy, the sadness, + the blessings in one's life.

This Christmas season, I am challenging myself to give moments + I'm excited to use Charmant Papery - quality-made cards created by quality folks, to do so. They truly capture moments in their artwork + design. Now I challenge you to give moments + to invite others into your moments of giving, receiving, joy, + love.

Merry Christmas!