recent adventures.

Portland || Oregon.

That moment when your best friend sends you a message asking if you want to go to Oregon with her, then you immediately respond with a, "YES." + a week later you're both on a plane to Portland together . . . yeah, I like that moment.

My best friend Kendra + I found a cheap flight + hopped on a plane to visit Oregon. Although I've been before, Kendra was seeing it for the first time. Our first stop . . . Portland.

A friend that lives in Portland that I had met in Colorado was our tour guide for a portion of our first day. Poor guy . . . little did he know he was in for the trip of his life. When Kendra + I are together, we're like kids; we get ultra excited about things that make our souls happy + we tend to stick out because of it. While we were waiting at a train stop (in a car mind you), we saw someone leave a building with H U G E white balloons in tow. Then there was that moment when you + your best friend look at each other + know exactly what each other are thinking . . . "We MUST have one of those balloons." We jump out of the car without hesitating + run inside this mysterious party store that has H U G E balloons. Then we proudly walked out with our own H U G E balloons - Kendra's yellow, mine red. 

We skipped all around parts of Portland so proud of ourselves for finding the coolest balloons we'd ever seen. Then after saying goodbye to my friend, we spent the rest of the evening soaking in the rose garden. I could probably spend another day in that garden photographing, painting, + just being. So if you're ever in the Portland area, I highly recommend finding the party store with the big balloons + the gorgeous rose garden.

Next up . . . Cannon Beach.