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Never have I had a trip across the ocean happen so suddenly + so smoothly than my most recent trip to Japan. My dear friend Deborah's parents live in Osaka + she graciously invited me to join her on her journey to visit them. After living in Tokyo (2011-2012), I had been longing to return; therefore, I quickly accepted + doors flew open for me to go. I can never thank Deborah, her parents, + God for helping make this trip possible + heaps of fun.

I wish I could execute a perfect expression of my short time spent in Japan in June, but it feels almost impossible. I hope what words I do have to offer are sufficient enough.

Deborah + I saw many gardens, shrines, + temples + all were exceedingly beautiful, dripping with history; I couldn't believe these buildings were built such a long time ago + the architecture is jaw-dropping. Although I loved experiencing many, many beautiful things about the Japanese culture, one of my most favorite things about my time there was getting to know my friend Deborah in a new way. I cannot say it enough or mean it enough. . .you truly become dear + close friends after traveling with one another. I love Deborah's sense of wonder; her heart to advocate for those who don't have a voice; her heart after the heart of Jesus; her wisdom + openness; + her creativity. It's encouraging + inspiring, truly. Deborah, thank you for sharing your life with me.

To close this short blog post, I also wanted to quickly mention another favorite part of my trip: before I left for Japan this month, I knew God wanted me to experience closure from my time living in Tokyo before, however, I had no idea what that would look like. On my bus ride to the airport for my flight back to the States, I felt God speaking to me + I felt like I was finally able to release the time I had spent there before. I never knew it, but deep down inside, I was subconsciously holding onto something tied to Japan that burdened me, something that God was ready to release me from. I will never forget my time in Japan, I will never forget my dear Japanese friends, I will never forget my experience, nor what God did in me while there; but it feels good to let go of the past + allow God to have it fully. I won't forget, but I will release. I would love to chat more about my time there over a cup of coffee or an Italian soda if you would like to hear more about it. Just send me an e-mail :). Thank you for reading!


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