recent adventures.

Washington || First Anniversary.

A year ago on September 13, Dylan Demyanek + I were married in the middle of a field, joined with our closest friends + family. We committed our everything to one another; we laughed + cried; we prayed + worshipped; we were served + supported by selfless others; + we danced the night away under the stars. The next day we traveled to a moon made of honey + road tripped from Squamish, British Columbia, Canada all the way down to San Francisco over the span of a week. We faced a bread-seeking raccoon, miles of road + thousands of minutes of songs, the redwood forest, + so much more. I will never forget that wonderful trip; not only was it an adventure brimming with exploration of new places, but it was THE most important beginning of THE adventure: living life with one another. 

In celebration of that time a year ago, we trekked back to the Pacific North West + decided to only spend our time in Washington (+ it's taken me this long to go through the photographs + write a post on them - oops!). We stayed a few nights in Seattle, from there on to Bainbridge Island to stay on a sailboat (how cool, right?), + then we camped near my favorite beach: Ruby Beach. It was a magical + fun trip. It was my fourth time returning to Washington + yet, still, every time is new.

The best part was not knowing where I was going until I boarded the plane - Dylan had kept it a complete surprise the entire time. I'm beyond lucky to know + love a man who is gracious, selfless, fun, adventurous, forgiving, kind, + much, much more. Dylan, Happy Anniversary + here's to many more years of being frustrated with each other, to laughing until our belly's hurt, + to many new places + experiences. You're quite the best friend + I'm thankful for you.


p.s. if you would like to see more photographs of our anniversary adventure, click the link >> Washington || 2015.