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Backpacking || Capitol Lake.

A few years ago I made it up in mind that Labor Day weekend will be spent backpacking into the mountains, always. I want to make it a tradition for myself + this year, it happened for the third time. This time, I was able to do it with my husband, our little Kodi Bear, + our good friend Jeff (check out his photo work). Dylan + I drove through Independence pass to Aspen, camped near Snowmass Village, + then the next day we began our trek through the Maroon Bells Wilderness towards Capitol Peak (one of Colorado's toughest fourteeners). 

We hiked in, set up camp, photographed the amazing peak, + hit the sack awaiting to climb the peak early the next morning. Around 2a.m., I woke up to a crazy rain storm above us; the wind was blowing + rain was pounding our tent. Unfortunately, the storm triumphed + the sun did not come out until noon the next day. Nobody was able to climb the peak that morning, so we packed up our belongings + hiked back out. It's difficult being so close to an amazing peak just staring you in the face + not being able to climb it; however, that's Earth - it's mysterious + beautiful + worth exploring, but it doesn't always do what you want it to do. It was a humbling reminder!

Either way, we had so much fun spending time with each other in the great outdoors + Kodi had heaps of fun too! Enjoy + GET OUTSIDE!