recent adventures.

Rocky Mountain Instameet.

Saturday was my second time attending a Colorado Instagram Meet, + the first one I ever went to was before Dylan + I even knew we wanted to marry each other - time really can fly. This Instameet was close-by in Rocky Mountain National Park + Colorado did not fail to bring its frigid wind along too. After meeting new people (who were extremely genuine + friendly) from all over the place, from New Mexico to Chicago, my frozen fingers + toes were very much worth it.

While driving home, I was left humbled thinking that I could be a small part of a creative community of people who long to use their gifts to change lives + empower others to live fully in the gifts God has given them. There is deep humility in taking a moment to think deeply about the unique, creative gifts God has given each individual. So if you are interested in meeting other creative folks in the Colorado area + long to use your creative talents, check out the Colorado Instagram page for details on future Instameets around the state. I hope to see you at the next one!